Sunday, January 9, 2011

"Nebbia" -olo, This is Why...

This is the view from out my kitchen window today...

...and sitting here at the table this is what I see:

Complete 'FOG-OUT'!
As all good wine geeks know,  Nebbiolo is the famous Piedmont varietal that is the grape of Barolo and Barbaresco, and in northern Piedmont; Gattinara, Carema, and Ghemme (there is also Valtellina in Lombardy which produces incredible wines from 100% Nebbiolo).  The word Nebbiolo is derived from the Italian word 'nebbia' which means fog... ahhhhhh, you say, this is what she's getting at.

Yeah yeah, we've all heard it said, "It's very foggy in Piedmont."  Although we've all heard it said, very few have actually seen it.  Most non natives and tourists visit Piedmont in the spring or better yet in the early fall; for harvest, beautiful weather and colors, and of course the stinky little super star of our region... the white truffle.  There is very little 'tourist' traffic here in the winter months, so most don't get to experience this other face of Piedmont.

Driving up the hill home this morning after grabbing some groceries,  the fog was so thick that I almost ran into the back of an 'Ape' (which is a funny little three wheeled vehicle that is a cross between a super tiny car and a motorino, or vespa, these are somehow legal to drive on the road with other normal sized people cars.... but that is a whole other blog and story).  Driving in this foggy stuff is super dangerous, and people that have lived here their entire lives get lost in their own neighborhoods when the fog is draped this thick, and at night - forget it, stay home!

I must say though, that there is also something very uniquely special and mysterious about this intense Piemontese fog... it has been around for as long as there have been inhabitants in these hills, and she silently glides in covering everything in a thick misty blanket, and somehow gives me the sensation to slow down, and relax.  It could be because it's Sunday, it could be because we have no choice but to slow down because you can't see anything, or it could be something else untangible which is just another reason why life moves slower here in Italy...

So the obvious decision is to cook soup, and stay inside for the rest of the day :)


  1. Wish I was there today! It might snow in Seattle. I'm making bread! Miss you.

  2. Nice - I'm impressed, what kind of bread? I'm afraid to try without my mom in the kitchen :)
    Miss you too!