Friday, January 28, 2011

The Last Waltz

I have to share....

Yesterday, here in New York and certainly on Long Island, was an absolute mess of a day for the weather. Slushiness, snow piled high, that dark brown/black ice sludge that gets thrown everywhere from people, cars, and trucks pushing and plowing their way to move just a little. It was a day to stay home...

I didn't. I got in the Prius and headed out into the great white adventure land to see some clients, taste some wine, and generally be out there telling the Indie story. After my first stop, a great friend and client- Mr Sean Gantner, Wine Director for the Mill Pond House group- texted me to confirm our afternoon appointment per the bad weather.

"Yes!", I replied- en route that afternoon! But it turned out that after my first stop I was actually right around the corner from his house. "Taste Chez Gantner?" I asked? Sure he said, and I drove over.

Sean is a music lover- a collector, really. He has acquired the single greatest collection of Grateful Dead music I have ever seen. Spools I tell you. Any concert, anywhere, with a catalog that will tell you the exact set list, date, details, etc...

So, I entered his home and there on his large flat screen was playing The Band's The Last Waltz directed by Martin Scorsese. Surround sound on, and honestly it was like almost turning back the clock and being front stage. We got out the Riedels and took our time tasting through the eight bottles I had brought.

The tasting went amazing. Unrushed. Alternating between talking about the wine, life, food, and then stopping for minutes on end just to marvel at the great piece of music history that was playing before us. It was the way a tasting should be.

Big thank you to Sean Gantner for his hospitality and opening his home. And yes, I downloaded The Band's Bink Pink album from 1968 as soon as I came home.

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